Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Status Quo is not a Status Quo

Since world news mostly only report when there's a flare up of violence from Palestinian groups, the less informed follower of the news is left to wonder: "why didn't they leave things in peace this time?"

So, just to remind everyone that the status quo is actually not a status quo; that there is a conquest of land going on which forces the control of a people and the necessary violence to enforce conquest and control, PEACE NOW - as quoted by Haaretz - reports that Israel in 2008 has increased the number of "settlements" by nearly 57% from 2007, and doubled the number of "outposts."

Settlements are internationally illegal Jewish-only urban developments on Palestinian land, claimed as legal by Israel. 1,257 new structures were built in 2008.

Outposts are the same thing but not recognized as legal by Israel (for now). Although Israel claims them illegal, the army protects them. They often start being more temporary structures (trailers, etc.) which ultimately develop into towns. These are then later generally made "legal" settlements. 261 structures were built in 2008.

In both cases, this requires an infrastructure to expropriate Palestinians.
That is the status quo, which is not a status quo --

Its end point? ... As I tried to explain before: unending violence (link). The starting basis for peace is to stop the conquest and the occupation (link). In that context, we (Israelis, Palestinians, Friends of either or both groups and engaged world citizens) will get beyond terrorism and put it behind us.


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