Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Interesting and Less Interesting Critiques

Short entry today (pending a serious post), but someone has cared enough to leave an insult on this blog. I'm touched. I've decided for now to let it go and post the comment. I suspect that the comment in question (which calls me names, hints at population transfer, and suggests weird ways to peace) is actually paid counter-blogging, but maybe I'm just flattering myself. Click and follow the comments on on my December entry: "Israel's Dead End: My Own Best Thinking Brought Me Here."

More interesting, this Foreign Policy analysis of where Tom Friedman gets it close but wrong (again). Click here to read this analysis, but the take home message is again -- sadly -- that the US public largely fails to understand the role the US government has been playing in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And it's not about anti-Americanism, believe me, but about getting a clearer picture of reality, so we can reform and make progress. (Hmm - should I say 'Yes, we can?').

Peace to all--following the footsteps of his O'ness*--to Christians, Muslim, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Humanists and Non-Believers; and I'm still hoping to post my analysis of some pro-war widely spread rhetoric (which I promised a while back) soon.


I'm like most quite not believing the contrast between the new and old US President models. But it's never too soon to be a little bit of an iconoclast with the powerful, right?

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