Thursday, January 15, 2009

PMRS: Don't Forget Gaza

I leave this space for a short report by Jihad Mashal, a very nice man who is also the Director General of the Palestinian Medical and Relief Services, the largest non-governmental provider of health services in West Bank and in Gaza.



Dear Friends

As more rumors are spreading that we are approaching the end, protection of civilians becomes more and more important since history tells us that the Israeli army will do their best to end the War with maximum amount of gains at the expense of more civilians killed.

While we all are waiting the end of this War, hundreds of Palestinian who took refuge in the UNRWA schools were targeted by Israel tank shelling for the third time, Many were killed or injured.

The situation for medical personal and hospitals is alarming , injured persons are left to bleed to death, we demand that civilians and the injured must have access to medical care and all medical personnel and their facilities be protected at all times .

Due to the focus on Emergencies, and trauma care, management of chronic disease and routine care of pregnancies and deliveries are becoming major areas of concerns and neglect. 40000 women are forecasted to be pregnant at any point of time exposed to all kinds of stress ,150-170 deliveries per day ,most of them do not receive proper care at home or in the Hospital ,they are unseen victims of the current situation.25-30 women should perform C-section on daily basis which is not possible now . Since the beginning of the incursion into Gaza an estimated 3150-3570 babies have been born many are premature exposed to hypothermia due to the lack of electricity or heat .

Do not forget the civilian population innocent women, children and men who continue to die. Do not forget Gaza


Jihad Mashal
Director General - Palestinian Medical Relief Services

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