Friday, June 27, 2008

Israel may be the worst enemy of a Jewish State

Coming soon...

... an examination of how current Israeli policies are forcing it into an untenable situation. Not necessarily one in which the nation-state of Israel wouldn't overcome and endure; but certainly one in which the heart of the Torah--the essence of Judaism--is being gutted out from the inside.

There are no easy path for peace in the land of Palestine, where Israel has successfully established itself. Israel has many allies today, and some who could be its allies tomorrow if they were seen as people today. The real enemies of Israel are so confused and so wrong on so many fronts, their chances of prevailing are slim to none. But the one enemy of a Jewish State, which Israel seems incapable of resisting is its own self--this "self" is the resulting collective entity created by its conflicting beliefs, greed and ambitions.

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