Thursday, June 26, 2008

A blog by Elrig Ciles

Well- I've done it: started a blog.

O, how the mighty have fallen!

I'm living between worlds, physically, culturally, emotionally, and spiritually. Like many of us. In so doing, I often wonder what it takes to make any one setting an inhabited city, a livable place: professionally - those are questions about development; culturally - I'm not one of those who sees culture as something sacred, but rather something we build for better and sometimes worse; emotionally - what clumsy creatures we are in this big world, in those small worlds we construct around ourselves; spiritually - like a stranger and traveler on this planet, but still wanting to leave it no worse than I found it.

So, I'll be writing about life, faith, politics, culture, peace and human folly. I suspect how those things interplay in the painful context of Palestine / Israel may take a lot of my ponderings. We'll just see where this goes. I'm new at this, but I hope to leave options for responses (yeah, right!) and I'll try using labels for themes as they emerge. I'll have a label for English and French languages -- who knows if I'll remember my mother tongue?

Peace - within and without.
Elrig (and yes, I'm using a pen name for this)

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