Friday, June 27, 2008

What will be Palestine?

Coming soon...

... Proponents of the occupation and eviction of Palestinians from their land have long made use of divisions among Palestinian groups and factions to undermine the legitimacy of an entire people. This is absurd, but it is also quite effective as a propaganda tool.

Regardless, Palestinian society has been going through significant shifts and fragmentation. One of the most diverse, progressive and certainly democratic societies in the Arab world is undergoing huge changes. How much these changes are due to the occupation is not as relevant as the facts that (1) the occupation is here, (2) changes are taking place at great speed, and (3) some of these changes will be the cultural inheritance of future generations, which I hope will be free generations.

This post will attempt to discuss some of the questions Palestine has to face about its future--and waiting for the end of the occupation to address them might not be a winning strategy. What will be "Palestine," once the choke of the occupation is removed?

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