Friday, January 8, 2010

Israeli Army attack on Village of At-tuwani

Samuel Nichols writes a direct witness of the events here.

See US Campaign update and call to action here.

Remember, today the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not in the news.
"Nothing" is happening.
Tomorrow, we'll wonder again why people are so hungry and what's wrong with them.
We'll have to wonder because "nothing" happened today.
"There was an army invasion in the village last night, and today there was this. It was the ugliest thing I have ever seen, yet that's a superlative, but so be it. It was evil I tell you, evil. Pushing old women, throwing tear gas at kids, concussion grenades at pregnant women, throwing men to the ground, hitting them in the back with rifles, breaking cameras. It was like a mob of angry "professional"-soldier-thugs. The soldiers were holding each other back from doing worse things. Why did they do this? Because Palestinians were trying to feed their goddamn sheep. Unbelievable.
This occupation has to end, it has to. People can't endure this forever."
Elrig - voice in the desert? Cassandra?

Watch a little recent history about At-tuwani.

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Samuel Nichols said...

The incident continued after the shepherd was arrested. He was tortured for hours by Israeli soldiers. Read the account: