Friday, January 15, 2010

Words of Propaganda

Read about the Propaganda 101 Manual for bloggers and Internet debaters put together by the "Israel Project'. Very educational.

Dan Ephron writes a short analysis, which you can access here.

The manual itself can be downloaded here. You will find in it such innate wisdom as:
“The arguments about demolishing Palestinian homes because they are not within the Jerusalem building code tested SO badly that we are not even going to dignify them with a Word’s That Don’t Work box. Americans hate their own local planning boards for telling them where they can and can’t put swimming pools or build fences. You don’t need to import that animosity into your own credibility issues. Worse yet, talking about ‘violations of building codes’ when a TV station is showing the removal of a house that looks older than the modern state of Israel is simply catastrophic.”
Guess we all have problems eh?


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