Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Terrorism by bulldozers

I don't expect to stay up with the daily news on this blog. Still, yesterday someone drove a bulldozer in a crowd for the second time in the last month or so in Jerusalem.

For an interesting perspective on this sad new trend, and how it reflects a sad old trend, have a look at the personal and internal processing of the news by a peace volunteer on

For an older report of the devastation caused by a D9 bulldozer in Jenin in 2002, read the following (the number of victims was never stated - no investigation having been allowed):

Am I making excuses for yesterday's tragedy? Not at all. (For a clear condemnation, see Also see how a few days before soldiers tied a man to the ground and were filmed shooting him in the leg point blank-another form of terrorism. Read

Am I suggesting moral equivalence? Yes, and no. Yes terrorism by bulldozer is terrorism by bulldozer (always a new low to be found in this land). But I hold a nation-state represented in the forums of the international community to a higher standard than a radical extremist group, or even a "perpetrator acting on his own initiative" (

Yesterday, a human being was killed trying to kill other human beings. Why?

All those creating the conditions where this becomes expected are to be blamed and brought to reform.
And urgently.


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