Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stimulating read on radical living

Well, I'm not a radical, but here's a Young Turk* who's putting some serious thinking about what this might mean. Visit David's blog and read his entry on Christian Peacemaker Team member, Tom - who died three years ago in Iraq. I am not always sure what I think of such 'radical' people, but in a world which relishes "heroes" and "martyrs," you have to respect someone willing to lay down HIS life to love and help friends and enemies alike -- as opposed to someone willing to kill friends with enemies through an act of suicide; or someone willing to live with the collateral damage of his/her acts of war.

[And if you want a good read about people putting into question the US's excessive reliance on the military, check out David's blog entry just before that. (Click here.)]

* There's a long tradition of me calling David names -- it has to do with all the beer he's plundered out of my fridge.

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David said...

Hahaha it's ok, the beer was worth it.