Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Lawlessness Of The "Righteous"

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as they used to say... Click here to read and watch one of the many reports of abuses and gratuitous violence caused by Jewish Fanatics in Hebron under full immunity from the Israeli so-called Defense Forces. (In this case from B'Tselem- a leading Israeli Human Rights group.)

Before asking whether this is terrorism, simply ask the following question: "how would the world feel if such events were not by Jews against Arabs in their home, but by any group in the world against Jews?"

And yes, I know, it did once happen and the world stood still.

What happened last time we stood still:
___A: Things naturally got better
___B: Not much except a holocaust and a world war
The next question is pointed to the American taxpayer: Are you aware that--on average--each of these fanatical, ruthless, terrorizing settlers gets the equivalent of a $600 check from Uncle Sam every single year (not counting the guns)? We don't "talk to Hamas", but we pay for those misled extremists. Does it make sense?

One of these days I need to write something about Muslim terrorism, given the Mumbai attacks and the very worrisome trend of the past decades, but for a moment, forget global trends. Just imagine yourself as a 13 year old boys in one of these Palestinian homes where folks are beaten up, mothers are called horrible names, police may arrest the innocent and the father had to watch his fields get burned. You are this young teenage boy and you live through this daily stress, humiliation of your parents, and the loss of life of your community. Maybe your big brother was one day snatched from home and put in "administrative detention" (aka prison without trial for months or years). Maybe your big brother once threw a stone and was shot in the head by an M-16.
So, now who are you going to turn to? The Israeli police? The Israeli army? Remember Palestinians are not allowed to ensure law and order in Hebron: there's a reason it is called occupied territories. So your own political representatives cannot do anything. Who are you going to turn to? 1-800-CALL-OBAMA? The UN? None are credible and we--as a community--have decided this is not a priority, and we do not want to alienate Israel, our number one ally (at least for the US if you listen to political speeches).

So, you are this teenage boy. Unless you are neighbor with one of the few who can provide an example about how to direct your anger toward peace and justice [click here for one video testimonial], what are you going to do with the humiliation and rage?

Let us do nothing today.

Tomorrow should be soon enough to ask how fanatics and candidates for suicide / martyrdom emerge in the Hebron hills.

Today, we must bail out The Big 3 and ask politely our Israeli partner to "make things a little easier for Palestinians." What does that even mean? Pass out band aids after beating up a dad? Giving a bottle of coke after burning a field? Starting a 'Fun with Occupation' annual fair for Palestinian children?

I have no doubt that we are just as "nice" as our forefathers in the 1930's. But what will happen this time as we stand still:

___A: Things will naturally get better.
___B: ...?

You tell me.


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