Thursday, November 13, 2008

Surprise: Hamas and Israeli PM agree!

At a time when Haaretz reveals clear and explicit efforts by Hamas to enter into goodwill relations with Israel and the US (read here), here's another ad placed by the Israeli Peace Group Gush-Shalom on Nov. 14th 2008, stating simple facts.

What else is new?

The Hamas Prime Minister
Ismail Haniyeh
Has announced his readiness

To accept the State of Israel
Within the 1967 borders

The Israeli Prime Minister
Ehud Olmert

Has declared that Israel
Must return to the 1967 borders

But on the
Our government
Is carrying
Incursion aft
er incursion
Into the Gaza Strip

Causing death and escalation

Yes possible solutions exist: click here; and here.

And they are based on the 1967 border: click here.

And once again, we MUST talk to Hamas, I hope Mr Rahm Emanuel--the putative Chief of Staff of President-to-be Obama gets that memo: click here.


Photo captions: Home demolitions in Gaza. Source: Rafah Today

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